“Smoking marijuana as one tool to cope with HIV infection” WHYY June 5, 2014

The Pulse is WHYY’s newest program that focus on the intersection of health, science and technology. Their profile of yours truly was an opportunity to amplify the message of marijuana reform, specifically regarding medical marijuana. And there’s no more powerful way to move people than with personal stories.


"just a puff or two and I'm good to go, meds onboard."

“just a puff or two and I’m good to go, meds onboard.”

A snippet from their website:

“Twenty-two states have made medical marijuana available to patients.  It’s legal in New Jersey and Delaware.  In Pennsylvania, the debate over allowing it continues. Lobbyist Jay Lassiter of Cherry Hill, N.J. worked to get medical marijuana approved in New Jersey – and uses the substance to help him cope with HIV.

“I remember looking at the receipt the first time I purchased legal marijuana in New Jersey, and it just felt so legitimate,” he said. “I changed the laws, man, it was a moment of professional and personal pride, a hard-fought victory, and we earned it.”

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