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(Harrisburg, PA) — A coalition of civil liberties groups, political action committees, activists, parents, patients and doctors urge PA voters to be mindful of both candidates’ (opposing) views on Medical Marijuana.

Says Jay Lassiter, whose Political Action Committee helped produce two of the videos,

As long as Tom Corbett  remains Governor, medical marijuana won’t happen in Pennsylvania.  That’s an insult to hundreds of thousands of sick and dying PA residents — including  80,000 Pennsylvanians who will receive a cancer diagnosis this year — who could benefit from medical cannabis to manage their suffering.

Corbett’s retrograde anti-pot stance is a sharp contrast to his opponent, Tom Wolf, who supports legalization of marijuana for medical purposes.  Les Stark, Director Keystone Cannabis Coalition:

“Tom Wolf spoke with myself and a fellow board member at a recent fundraiser. It was our impression that Tom Wolf will see to it that a medical cannabis program is properly implemented here in PA. Four more years of Tom Corbett will put all meaningful reform on hold.”

This program would benefit patients with Cancer, HIV, PTSD and seizure disorders.  Lolly Bentch, director PA Campaign For Compassion:

“Gov. Corbett has mentioned a pilot research program to help epileptic children like my daughter, but we haven’t seen even a glimpse of progress. This leads us to believe this was simply a stall tactic used to placate the parents of sick children.”

There are few issues on which the Governor is more out is step with his public than medical marijuana.  Says Chris Goldstein, spokesman for Philly NORML:

“Polls of Pennsylvania voters consistently show support for medical marijuana at 85 percent. This is an issue that crosses party lines and will be a deciding factor in the election. Governor Tom Corbett has callously ignored the people and members of his own party.”

Citizens for Compassion

 NORML Philly http://www.phillynorml.or

Pittsburgh NORML 

Keystone Cannabis Coalition


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