The War on Drugs has raged for over 40 years. A trillion dollars later, we’ve failed to even manage an adult conversation about Marijuana. jPAC is charting a more sensible strategy that includes taxing- and regulating marijuana in New Jersey and beyond.

But before we tax-and-regulate it, we have to legalize marijuana for adults who choose to smoke it. Thats’ our mission at jPAC

Our task includes rewriting state & Federal marijuana laws AND changing hearts and minds. Ready to drive the debate?

We'll win with:

A witty, novel social "hearts and minds" campaign to be waged via social media.


Aggressively engaging all media to ensure the dissemination of sound, accurate information about the harms of marijuana prohibition.


A robust lobbying effort in Trenton to educate lawmakers on more sensible drug policies (including a less punitive and coercive approach to marijuana.)

A Stinging Rebuke of the DEA

(Washington DC 6/10/2014)– Two recent votes on Capitol Hill suggest an overdue and radical departure from our nation’s Draconian and costly War on Drugs.  It’s a long-overdue discussion (and not just because the War on Drugs is an epic failure.) First, a bipartisan House majority passed an appropriations amendment to curb Federal interference in states withContinue Reading

420 Solutions to Gov. Chris Christie’s Budget Mess

(Cherry Hill, NJ) — There’s a bipartisan bill in Trenton to legalize, tax and regulate Marijuana sales in NJ.  Let’s pass it already.  “State and federal governments in the United States face massive looming fiscal deficits. One policy change that can reduce deficits is ending the drug war. Legalization means reduced expenditure on enforcement and an increase inContinue Reading


HAS DECADES OF GORGING ON PRO-GUN, ANTI-GAY, ANTI-POT RHETORIC GIVEN THE GOP HEARTBURN? By Jay R. Lassiter | April 12th, 2013 – 3:15pm It wasn’t long ago that a Republican politician (or candidate) could easily make political hay by trotting out one of three familiar themes: guns, gays or marijuana. Those days are over. Gone isContinue Reading

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