Critic blasts NJ’s medical marijuana program [AUDIO]

June 30, 2014 7:00 AM

By Kevin McArdle


On the heels of reports earlier this month that there’s a lack of demand for New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, Gov. Chris Christie said medical marijuana is just a front for legalized pot. On the June edition of Townsquare Media’s ‘Ask The Governor’ program Christie said he would not permit a de facto legalization of marijuana. One critic said Christie is misleading the public.

David McNew, Getty Images

“It is perhaps the most intrusive, overregulated, overtaxed medical marijuana program in the country,” said Jay Lassiter, a spokesman for the Coalition for Medical Marijuana of New Jersey. “For Christie to cite a lack of demand is specious at best. He’s smart enough to know what he’s doing. The truth is he’s made this program untenable.”

Medical marijuana became legal in New Jersey under former Gov. Jon Corzine in 2009, just before Christie took office. Christie said he imposed strict regulations to stop recreational pot smokers from getting the drug.

“I think Chris Christie knows better than anybody else in the state of New Jersey why there is a limited demand for this program. It’s because the program doesn’t work,” Lassiter said.


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