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Governor Jon Corzine   (NJ)
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Gloucester Township NJ Councilman Frank Schmidt
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Cherry Hill  NJ Councilwoman Susan Shin Angulo
Cherry Hill  NJ Councilwoman Jaquelene SIlver
Cherry Hill  NJ Councilman Jim Bannar
Cherry Hill  NJ Councilman Dave Fleisher
Burlington County NJ Sheriff Candidate Jay Coltre

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Animal Protection League of NJ

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Celebration Sunday in Pennsylvania: With Stroke of a Pen, Governor Creates 24th MMJ State

Leafly is the biggest marijuana website in the world. I’m happy to report for them from Harrisburg, where PA just became the 24th state in the land to legalize medical marijuana. Quite literally almost have way there. Amazing!  

Recognition for our International Efforts. Dec 2016

(HOBOKEN, NJ)–Assemblymen Tim Eustace (l) and Reed Gusciora (r) honored our work bringing Equal Marriage to Ireland. Lassiter Consulting’s second international foray brought great success and satisfaction and we helped the YES campaign score an historic election when Ireland voted 2:1 to legalize marriage for gays and lesbians.

Working to Bring Medical Marijuana to PA

(September 25,2014)–PA Voters have a choice this November. And if you care about sick people, the choice seems rather obvious.

10 Bold Jersey Political Predictions (that might come back to haunt me.)

(Trenton, NJ) —  On September 23, 2015 I shall dig this up and eat whatever crow I’ve got coming, but in the meantime only a listicle can contain my brazen prescience.  So let’s get right to it! 10. Chris Christie will leave office within six months.  It won’t be Bridgegate that convinces the Governor to “pull-a-Palin”Continue Reading

PA Gov Candidate views on Medical Marijuana. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Contact :Jay Lassiter 856-236-7199   PA GOV TOM CORBETT OPPOSES MEDICAL MARIJUANA. HIS OPPONENT TOM WOLF INDICATES SUPPORT.  IN NEW WEB ADS, PRO-CANNABIS ORGS HIGHLIGHT THE STARK DIFFERENCE. Video 1, “My Daughter” runs 30 seconds. Video 2, “Our Grandchildren Have Suffered Enough” runs 60 seconds Video 3, “All could benefit from Medical Marijuana” runs 55Continue Reading

Critic blasts NJ’s medical marijuana program [AUDIO]

June 30, 2014 7:00 AM By Kevin McArdle 101.5: On the heels of reports earlier this month that there’s a lack of demand for New Jersey’s medical marijuana program, Gov. Chris Christie said medical marijuana is just a front for legalized pot. On the June edition of Townsquare Media’s ‘Ask The Governor’ program Christie said he would not permitContinue Reading